Stephanie Sanders-Jacob

Author + Artist

I’m a writer and jewelry designer living in Sandusky, Ohio. I grew up in New London, Ohio—a small town characterized by its one stoplight.

I live with my husband, daughter, three dogs, and toad, Tim. Toads are some of my favorite creatures. Smart, funny, and full of character, they’re the puppies of the underbrush. If I was a witch, my familiar would definitely be a toad.

My work is influenced by my love of nature and all things weird. My debut novel is an extension of my passion for ufology—the study of UFOs. I’ve always wondered if we’re alone in the universe and have seen several things in the night sky that I simply cannot explain. One of these “encounters” is described in my novel—see if you can find it!

My jewelry has been featured in Ohio Magazine and on Ideastram’s Making It.

Links to my social media can be found at the bottom of this page. I’m always happy to make new friends.

Publications Include
  • Singing All the Way Up, No Bad Books Press
  • “The Storage Closet at the Murray Public Library,” Hearth & Coffin
  • “Holler,” Mixer Magazine
  • “Salk,” Ether Arts Magazine
  • “The Sound of Your Feet,” Mosaic Magazine