Release Date for Singing All the Way Up!

My debut novel has a release date! July 12! With preorders opening June 28 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Laura is an alien abductee, a little girl seen hovering beneath a spacecraft. But instead of screaming, she’s singing–singing all the way up. Or so she’s told. Her father transforms Laura into the family’s piggybank, forcing her to perform for UFO fanatics. But when he dies, and the money runs out, her mother sells her to a freak show.

Within a stinking tour bus, a fire dancer, a psychic, and a time traveler force Laura to unravel the truth. Was she actually abducted, one of the chosen few to be given a glimpse of what’s beyond the stars? Or is she just a publicity stunt, forced into the light by those willing to destroy a little girl’s ordinary life?

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